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Dec 13
“But to tell a critic he has no right to review a novel because he’s never written one is a dangerous notion, because it strikes at the heart of the idea of expertise (and scholarship, and judgment) itself—it’s like telling a doctor that he can’t diagnose a disease because he’s never had it, or a judge that he can’t hand down a sentence because he’s never murdered anyone himself. The fact is that criticism is its own genre, a legitimate and (yes) creative enterprise for which, in fact, very few people are suited—because very few people have the rare combination of qualities that make a good critic, just as very few people have the combination of qualities that make a good novelist or poet.”

A Critic’s Manifesto: The Intersection of Expertise and Taste : The New Yorker

Daniel Mendelsohn’s manifesto on literary criticism is just as applicable to the ongoing teething of videogame criticism.

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