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Dec 15
“And how could we forget the game critics, those very serious young white men in their 20’s and 30’s, who will join them to celebrate of the final refinement of these sacred formulas. These critics would never stoop so low as to see these games at face value, oh no. They are on a very important mission to bring to light the great achievements of art that these games truly are. So what if they stretch them so paper-thin that they’ll start to resemble something completely different from the actual games themselves. How can you rhapsodize at great lengths about the joy of violence in a videogame without sounding like a complete psychopath?”

The Monster Within | Midnight Resistance

I don’t agree with everything Liz Ryerson writes, but she is a strong and powerful alternative voice in games criticism and, simply, a pleasure to read. Here she writes about Hotline Miami and videogame violence and game critics being too forgiving.

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