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Feb 24
“the only entrance into the island is the location marked by two gold seals above. upon entering, you’ll see a guard or two (depending on difficulty) who are easily taken care of. however, shooting will also alert an officer in the room immediately to the right of where you enter. this is, again, a similar little technique to the “gotcha” officer in the first area with the dogs and columns - a technique of Romero’s to make a simple situation where the player feels in complete control a bit more uncomfortable and unsettling.”

\………..//: adventures in level design: Wolfenstein 3D Episode 3: “Die, Fuhrer, Die” PART ONE

Liz Ryerson provides an incredibly thorough breakdown of the map design of Wolfenstein 3D’s 3rd episode, “Die, Fuhrer, Die”. It might be a bit dry for some, but I find this kind of exhaustive breakdown of a videogame’s space fascinating as it is something that is well outside my own area of expertise. When it comes to this kind of criticism, I am not a fellow¬†practitioner¬†but simply a reader, devouring the ideas of an expert who is giving me a vocabulary to think about things.

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